How Much Loan Can I Borrow? Know BEFORE Shopping!

How much money does it cost to buy a house? How much money for a loan can I borrow?

How much money does your dream house cost? Better question is:  How much money will a mortgage lender pre-approve for me to borrow?

Know BEFORE Shopping…How much I can afford!

We can help you get Pre-approved for a home mortgage quickly! You can then shop for a property with an actual loan commitment or Pre-approval Letter as opposed to a pre-qualification letter. This is an advantage with sellers – knowing that you are practically ready to close on the sale. 

Money Down with Loans

Some loans are 100% financed with no down payment and others for as little as 3% down in cash. Other loans are 20% down in cash with 80% financed. Different types of loans have different interest rates. Our lenders can tailor the best financing for your needs.

FREE Consultation…there is no charge for this service.

We do this to help you find the right home, taking the least amount of your time as possible with the loan process. We can recommend some mortgage brokers to you and then you choose which one to help you.

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