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MARKETING Your Property

Campaign Goals

The primary objective of the marketing campaign is to find a buyer for your property. The criteria for meeting this objective include the following:

  Sell your real estate at or above market value
  Sell your property within your preferred time frame

The target audience for your property (whether it is a single family home, condo, townhouse, villa, farm, lot, or land) are prospective buyers actively searching for real estate within your property’s price range, area, lifestyle, or any combination of these variables.

We’ll use information such as photos, potentially video, and details about your home as the main benefit or value to attract the audience. This information will help them determine if your home meets their criteria and give them the opportunity to express their interest.

The message’s positioning is the main theme in the marketing for your property. It represents the distinct value your real estate offers in comparison to its competition on the market. Buyers are evaluating your property against the others, which is why we want your’s to stand out from the competing properties.

Developing the positioning requires three steps:

  1. Assessing the property’s condition and highlight features compared to other similar properties for sale
  2. Connecting those features to the current trends in buyer preferences
  3. Crafting the narrative to connect to the distinctive value your property offers.

Example: Palm Beach Rare below $300K 4 bedroom 3 bath remodeled Single Story Home with 3 Car Garage in top school district.

Home Condition List Price

Calls to Action are created for different levels of buyer interest to connect with the viewer based on where they are in their home buying journey. The following calls-to-action may be used throughout the marketing mix for your home’s campaign:

Schedule a Tour

Viewers can schedule a specific day and time to tour your home. This indicates a serious buyer. A variation of this call-to-action is “See This Home.”

Ask a Question

Viewers can fill out a form, message, text, or call my phone number to find out more details about your home. This indicates a high interest buyer. Typically, the next step for this viewer is to schedule a tour to see the home.

Learn More

Viewers can fill out a form, message, text, or call my phone number to find out more details about your home. This indicates a high-interest buyer. Typically, the next step for this viewer is to schedule a tour to see the home.

We utilize performance-based marketing practices to monitor and improve results as our campaigns are implemented. The following measurements (metrics) may be tracked during this campaign:

Number of Views for Ads of Listing

Number of Views for Landing Page

Number of Inquiries About Listing

Number of Showings of Property

Our full-service marketing may include the following creativity in our marketing campaign for your real estate property:

Marketing Plan
        Professional Photography

         Full Property Tour Video

         Highlight-Feature Social Posts

         Marketing Narratives Written for Landing Pages, MLS & Syndication

         Featured Property Landing Page

         Facebook Creative (Copy, Design & Video)

         Instagram Creative (Copy, Design & Video)

         YouTube Creative (Copy & Video)

         Mobile-friendly Creative

Your home may be marketed on the following top real estate platforms, plus many more.

Social Media MLS Icons Marketing Plan

Depending on the circumstances and available creativity, the following table reflects A SAMPLE
Promotional Schedule that may be used to find a buyer for your property.

Marketing Promotional Schedule Timeline

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Jason Martin and Doug Martin are licensed Realtors® with Premier Brokers International in Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 with about 15 years experience serving as real estate advisors in Florida.

Jason and Doug, serve as Residential Real Estate Consultants in Central and South Florida. Both have owned properties and lived in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach Gardens, and Stuart, Florida.

Doug is a Realtor Emeritus with 50+ years experience as a Broker and currently licensed in Florida and Kentucky. He also was a National Registered Home Builder for about 40 years.

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