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Listing Alerts - What Are They?

Example below of what you will receive for a specific city search with a “New Listings” Alert.

Benefits of  “NEW Listing Alerts”

  • Seeing the Listings before other Buyers.
  • Free Service from the Martin Group.
  • Your choice of search criteria.
  • Save your favorites in one place.
  • Receive alerts as soon as they hit the market.
  • Save and access your favorite searches.
  • Quick and easy sign-up process.
  • Delivered to your inbox.
  • Stay on top of the real estate market.
  • Your info is safe and not shared with anyone.

You will receive notifications when prices change, homes are under contract, closed, off the market, or back on the market. You can choose how often to receive this information.

Ready to make your home searches easier?

Have the new property listings sent directly to you as soon as they come on the real estate market. And spend less time searching among old listings. Just click:  “Request New Listing Alerts“.

Or if you would rather email us, we will sign you up. Fill-in the form below, typing the city for which you want the new listings. And they will be sent to your inbox as they hit the market. Choose if you want to receive them daily or weekly.

Insert Subject: Request New Listing Alerts

Then include in message what city, zip code or subdivision.

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