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Free Admission Days To Recreation In Florida

National Parks that typically charge an entrance fee will waive it on special days of each year, providing free admission to everyone on the following fives days listed below in 2023.

Home Buyers: 10 Step Buying Process

10 Steps to Buying a Home

Home Buyers: 10 Step Buying Process 1. Save Your Down Payment Many people believe you need a 20% down payment to buy a home. There are loans available that allow buyers to put down as little as 3% or 0% with a VA or USDA Loan. 2. Know Your Credit Score Your credit score is a numeric representation of your history and ability to pay back debts in the past. Different home loans have different credit requirements. Save credit card purchases until after you close on your mortgage… to improve your credit score. 3. Find a Real Estate Agent Once you have a handle on your credit score and down payment savings, the Martin Group 561-339-1779 can guide you through the home buying process. 4. Get Mortgage Pre-Approval We can give you a list of lenders from which you can choose the one you want to work with to get pre-approved for your mortgage loan. This will help keep you on budget during the next step! 5. Go House Shopping Make a list of what you want vs. what you need in your next home. The Martin Group of Realtors® will use this list to find homes for you to tour. We make the appointments for you after your approval of our list. 6. Make an offer Using our 50 years of experience as real estate agents, the Martin Group will help you determine the best price to offer in the current market for the home. In a competitive market, you may net be the only one bidding and will want to stand out! 7. Get a Home Inspection Once your offer is accepted, you will want to have the home inspected professionally to ensure there are not any hidden issues with the home. We can furnish a reliable list of home inspectors. 8. Get a Home Appraisal Your lender will arrange for a home appraisal to ensure that the property is worth the price that you have agreed to pay for it. The bank will only issue a loan for the appraised value. 9. Close the Sale Once your loan is approved, your lender will schedule a closing date. This is the day you sign all your paperwork with a Title Company to complete the purchase and get the keys to your home. 10. Move In Congratulations! You are now the owner of the home! And time to move in. The Martin Group can give you some recommendations for moving companies. This is the beginning of your next phase in life. Enjoy! CONGRATULATIONS! Summary of 10 Step Home Buying Process Ready to Begin the Buying Process? We have many more tips to help you… Let’s Talk! Schedule A FREE Consultation Doug Martin Realtor® Broker 561-339-3299 Email Me

5 Factors Reveal Where The Real Estate Market Is Really Headed

It’s the old supply-and-demand predicament: Home sales in the U.S. continue at a torrid pace, but the availability of listings remains limited. Buoyed by historically low mortgage rates, buyers keep shopping for homes, reducing the available inventory and sparking a rise in home prices across the country.

Can I Buy or Sell a Home Without a Real Estate Agent?

We all like to save money. Forgoing professional representation may not always be in your best interest. Find out whether the benefits outweigh the risks and considerable time and effort of selling or buying a home on your own.

10 Tips to Buy and Sell A Home at the Same Time

What will I do if I sell my home before I can buy the next house? Ten Tips are given in this article to help you when faced with this challenge of buying and selling a home at the same time..