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Annual Vs Seasonal Rentals...
What's the Difference?

Are you thinking about renting a house or condo, but you’re not sure whether you want an annual rental, a seasonal rental, or just a short vacation rental? There are pros and cons to all types of leases, and the best option for you will depend on your individual circumstances.

In this blog post, we’ll compare annual rentals, seasonal rentals, and vacation rentals so you can make an informed decision about which type of lease is best for you.

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Migrating South for the Winter Months

The Palm Beaches of Florida are one of the best vacation capitals in the world. Many people love to spend the winter months in southeast Florida to escape the cold northern weather of ice and snow. 

Many of these vacationers are affectionately referred to as “Snowbirds”… because they imitate the natural migration of birds to a warmer climate during the winter months.

There are many rental options in our area, especially along the east coast of Palm Beach County, Florida. We will look at primarily annual, seasonal, and vacation rentals in this blog.

Annual Rentals

An annual rental is a type of rental agreement that lasts for a year beginning and ending on the same day of the month and one year apart. This type of agreement is most commonly used for residential properties, such as condos and homes for rent.

Annual rentals are usually cheaper than seasonal rentals because they last longer. Most annual leases are 12 months in length; a few are for two years. Often the HOA rules determine the length of the rental. This type of rental is usually unfurnished, but can be furnished.

Most landlords require the first month’s and last month’s rent, plus a security deposit included with the signing of the lease. A credit report is required for the landlord plus any fees to the landlord and the HOA.

Seasonal Rentals

A seasonal rental is a type of rental agreement that lasts for a specific period of time, typically three to six months, and is furnished. Usually, a full payment for all months is made at one time. A credit report is required for the landlord, plus any fees to the landlord and the HOA. Seasonal properties include all utilities, turn-key furnishings, as well as cable TV and wireless internet. 

Vacation Rentals

A vacation rental is a type of rental agreement that lasts for a specific period of time, typically one week to three months. Vacation rentals are usually in condos or homes for one to three months and in hotels or motels for one week to one month. These rentals are furnished. Also, these units charge taxes by the landlord, similar to hotel/motel taxes you pay while vacationing.

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Other Considerations

When choosing what rental is best for you, the size of the space is important. How many people will be living with you? Do you need extra bedrooms for guests? How many bathrooms are you comfortable with? 

Location is another huge consideration. Depending on what you like to do for fun, it will be essential to get an idea of what activities are close by. Is golf, lounging on the beach, dining out, designer shops, or going to the theater important to you? Do you love to ride bikes or play pickleball or tennis? Are nature parks with hiking on your list?

Another consideration is deciding on the type of neighborhood that best suits you. The Florida rental market offers many options, from apartments to condos to single-family homes. Some rentals are in gated communities and others are in standard open neighborhoods.

When it comes to the actual home or condo, each will offer different amenities. Many Florida homes have private swimming pools, and some condo complexes will have a community pool and maybe a tennis court.

Do you have a pet and need a fenced yard? Be sure to check the pet policies and what type of setup the home has. Many homes will have Wi-Fi, television streaming, maps, guidebooks, recommendations, and 24-hour check-in. 

Help is Available

We can help you find both long-term and seasonal rentals, whichever you need. Often renters do not view the property ahead of the rental dates, but see it for the first time after arriving to use it. 

We provide as much information as possible online so a renter can make an informed decision. Photos and videos help you to gain insights about the properties available. 

Text or call us at our team office: +1-561-339-1779 with what you need and we will get to work for you immediately. Or you can Email Us Here with the details of your request.

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